Booking account

Every student who wants to use the department facilities such as Laser Cutters, 3D Printers, CNC Foam Cutter etc. must have an active account in the booking system.

To have an account created you must go to Room 5.153 and bring your Student Card (Access card) AND your social security card (The yellow one). When your account has been created and you have set a password, you can login an add funds to your account.

Funds are needed to book the rapid prototyping equipment.

Prices are:

e25cd4b1ec Zund G3 Laser Cutter: DKK 100,- / half hour
ezlaser EZ 200 Laser Cutter: DKK 50,- / half hour
ezlaser EZ 30 Laser Cutter: DKK 25,- / half hour
epilog Epilog Laser Cutter & Engraver: DKK 25,- / half hour
Ultimaker2Extended_01_Render.jpg3d2395fd-7188-4c14-b7b0-bfb5eb9e83a3Original 3D Printers: DKK 5,- / booking
Foamlinx_CNC_hot_wire_foam_cutter_2913_29_inchx13_inch CNC Foam Cutter: DKK 5,- / booking


To access your account online go to
Login using your credentials.

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