WASP CLAY 3D Printer

Printing volume: Ø 400mm x h 1000 mm; (h 450 mm with interim plate)
Minimum layer height: 0,5 mm;
Maximum printing speed: 150 mm/s;
Maximum travel speed: 150 mm/s;
Acceleration: 500 mm/s2;

Materials: porcelain, earthenware, gres, refractory materials, clays etc

Details: No stop print: You can move the printer and not remove the object – each time  the printing process has finished (this avoids to wait till the object has dried)
Printing or from ground or from 2 printing beds at different Height
Extruder with controlled  dosage  thanks to a screw (2013)
Controlled air pressure on the printer
Perfect stability thanks to new sliding-system on bearings
Dedicated Firmware