The CUT 1000S cnc foam cutter have 4 movable axes.

These axes can be controlled parallel or independently.
Cut decorative letters, foam letters, styrofoam letters, crown molding or columns out of polystyrene foam or styrofoam with one wire.

You can cut standard Styrofoam sheets with up to 1.250x650x1.250mm (X /Y /wire).

Basic Machine CNC foam cutting machine for computer-controlled cutting of 2D and 3D contours out of Styrofoam, Styrour, EPP and other foams.
4 independent axes allow 3D tappered cuts with different sized contours on the A- and B-portal such as cones or conical columns.
The cutting wire tension for parallel cuts is controlled by a hard spring and for independent 4-axis cuts with a length change of up to 150mm by a soft spring.
These machines are suitable for processing insulation boards and blocks up to a size of 1.250x700mm (X / Y) and a thickness of 1.250mm (wire).
Turntable Expand your CNC foam cutting machine and add the turntable as a 5th axis. This axis is controlled by the computer and allows the cutting of symmetrical and asymmetrical objects such as spheres, hemispheres or bottles easily.
The turntable together with the shapeable wire set can be used as an EPS lathe with almost unlimited possibilities.

StyroMill Easy and fast conversion from a CNC foam cutting machine into a full 3-axis foam milling machine (X / Y / Z).
The power and strength of these converted machines is comparable to other CNC milling machines in this market segment.
Conversion takes only a few Minutes.

Mill 2D and 3D objects out of EPS, XPS, EPP and other soft Materials and with the recommanded axis expansion also pvc, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber and other harder materials.

The Axis expansion is recommended. Shapeable Wire Set Extension of the MT 1000SF conversion set to cut Styrofoam over 3-axis with a shapeable cutting wire.

This cutting wire is shaped free by hand or along a cnc cutted xps template. In combinantion with the computer controlled turntable TT450S symmetric 3D objects such as cornices, columns feet or column heads can be cut quickly and easily out of styrofoam.
The StyroMill conversion set MT 1000SF and the power supply Net1560 is required.

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