3-axis Milling

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The Utzon workshop is equipped with a 3-axis milling machine from Shopbot. Our Shopbot is ideal for cutting out precise shapes in plate material or for carving out three-dimensional objects in thicker block shaped. With several different milling bits available the machine is capable of producing fast and rough cut-outs as well as fine and detailed surface-based three-dimensional objects.

The Shopbot PRSalpha 48-48
The PRSalpha is a full size, professional CNC router capable of both CNC cutting, drilling, carving and machining.

Machine specs.:

  • Working area: 1200×1200 mm.
  • Z-axis (plunge depth): 300 mm.
  • Positional accuracy: 0,005 mm.
  • Cutting speed: Up to 15.000 mm/min. (depending on cutting bit and material)
  • Suitable materials: hard and soft wood, foam, plastic.
  • Available milling bits: contact workshop personnel for info.
  • Important: No metal materials are allowed for milling. 

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Using the Shopbot
To use the Shopbot you need to contact ad:mt employee Mads Brath, who will assist you in preparing your 3D models or CAD drawings and help with the setup and operation of the Shopbot.

To prepare a line or surface based model for milling, we use either the accompanying software called Partworks or the Rhinoceros plugin RhinoCam – both programs can open most of the standard CAD files.

Booking and prices
The Shopbot will be booked by the workshop staff and in the booking system you can see the availability of the Shopbot, but not make any bookings yourself. If you’re a first time user of the booking system you need to register before being able to see the bookings. When registering it is very important that all the “required fields” are filled in correctly (the administrator will delete accounts that aren’t) as these fields are needed in the payment procedure which uses the personal printing account (used for normal printing at the institute) to charge for all bookings.

The following chart shows the price for using the Shopbot:

Shopbot    Price
Start up fee    100 KR.
Milling    50 KR. / 30 MIN.