Wood Workshop

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The Wood Workshop at the Utzon Center features a lot of machinery that can aid in the production of physical models, prototypes and mock-ups. The workshop is supervised by Poul Lund and certain machines can only be operated by him (see the list below).

To facilitate the creation of models and prototypes the Wood Workshop is equipped with a wide variety of both stationary and portable tools that can all be accessed by the students at AD:MT. To give an overview of the inventory most of the machinery is listed below. If you have any questions about how to create a particular object or how to use any of the machines please contact the workshop staff.

Stationary Machines:
Tilting Spindle Shaper (KUFO SK-28SP)
Planer-Thicknesser (Robland XSD)
Benchtop Milling Machine (Robland MDX 650)
Sliding Table Saw (Griggio SC 1400)
Band Saw (Griggio SNA 400)
Belt Sander
Drill Press
Miter Saw with table (Makita)

Portable Machines: