Show of your design skills for new students

We think you are designing some cool stuff here at the Design Lab. 
So if you want to show of your product, send us images, drawings text etc. Then we’ll compose a featured article to put on the website, and maybe also on the AAU general website.

Send your great stuff to the workshop team email.

CNC milling a remote control in wood

 Project info:
Title: Interactive Digital Product
Description: A remote control for the elderly television viewers. The product shows a TV guide, but also features various On Demand services easy accessible for the elderly.
Study: Industrial Design – BSc. 4th semester, 2015
Group members: Didde Marie Westergaard, Jens Hamann, Kasper Dinesen, Martin Juul Jensen, Rasmus Nielson og Renekka Rønn

Prototyping info:
The prototype was produced on our Roland MDX-540SA using 4-axis milling. The dimensions of the prototype is 200x130x15 mm. and machining time was approx. 90 minutes.

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