3D Printer (Objet Alaris 30)

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To facilitate rapid prototyping the Utzon Workshop is equipped with a high resolution 3D printer – an Alaris 30 from Objet. The 3D printer features a strong white material suitable for making small moving parts, thin walls and smooth surfaces. The printed models can be painted, drilled, machined, used for vacuum forming or as a negative shell (mould) for plaster or rubber casting.

The Alaris 30
The Alaris 30 from Objet is a professional desktop printer that uses a white acrylic based material to build 3D models by continuously adding layer on top of layer (see video). To support the model material during the printing process a support material is used. This more gel-like material can easily be removed after printing, either by hand or by using our WaterJet which uses pressurized water to hose away the support material.

Machine specs:

  • Tray size: 300 x 200 x 150 mm.
  • Net Build Size: 294 x 192 x 148.6 mm.
  • Model material: VeroWhite
  • Support material: FullCure 705
  • Build resolution: x-axis 600 dpi, y-axis 600 dpi, z-axis 900 dpi.
  • Accuracy: 0.1 mm.
  • Layer thickness in the z-axis: 28 microns (= 0.028 mm.)

Using the 3D printer
To use the 3D printer you need to contact ad:mt employee Mads Brath, who will assist you in preparing your 3D models for printing and start up the printing process for you.

When the printing process is done the workshop staff will assist you in how to remove the support material and introduce you to the WaterJet (cleaning chamber).

Booking and prices

The 3D printer will be booked by the workshop staff and in the booking system you can see the availability of the 3D printer, but not make any bookings yourself. If you’re a first time user of the booking system you need to register before being able to see the bookings. When registering it is very important that all the “required fields” are filled in correctly (the administrator will delete accounts that aren’t) as these fields are needed in the payment procedure which uses the personal printing account (used for normal printing at the institute) to charge for all bookings.

The price for a 3D print depends on the amount of used material (both model and support material). To calculate an approximated price for printing your 3D model(s) follow this 3Dprint guide. The following chart shows the prices for using the 3D printer:

Material Price
Model 1 kr./ gram.
Support 1 kr. / gram.