Workshop Account

The Workshop Account works as the main payment system for all services provided by the workshops at AD:MT.

If you’re a student from either Architecture & Design, Media Technology or Art & Technology you can obtain a Workshop Account by contacting Mads Brath. Establishing a Workshop Account is free of charge and money can be deposited to the account using the PayBox located at Rendsburggade 14, level 3.

The PayBox
We have a socalled PayBox, which is used to add money to your account. This is a computer connected to both our accounting system and DIBS here in Denmark. You can use this system to transfer money from your Dankort or VISA/Dankort account to your Workshop Account. It is used more or less like when you make payments to web based stores like the Amazon bookstore.

The PayBox is located at Rendsburggade 14, level 3 (next to the 3D printers behind the main elevator shaft)

The userinterface is a bit unintuitive (sorry about that).

To add money to your account:
1. The startpage
In the “Brugernavn” field use the “pin code”, you’ve been given (a six digit code).
Leave the Password field blank
Press OK
2. The Payment method page
You have to choose either Dankort or VISA/Dankort as the card type.
Enter the Card Number from the front of the card
Enter the Expiry Data (also from the front of the card)
Type in the Security code – this is the three number code from the back of your card (normally found after the account number)
Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer to your workshop account.
Press OK
3. The Confirm page
On the confirm page you have the chance to either cancel the transfer or approve.
Approve the transfer by pressing the “Gennemfør” button.
4. The Receipt page
This page is the receipt page.
Enter your full email address to get this receipt by email (this feature is not available at the moment).

Account Statement
To get a statement of your account please contact Mads Brath.

Please notice that there’s no refund of the money deposited at the Workshop Account. It is however possible to get a refund if you’re signed out of or have finished your studies. Refunds are only made for amounts over DKK 250,-